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Nate Baugh

Nate joined RWA in March 2014.  He had over 9 years experience in management and industrial distribution.

Dave Bowen

Dave joined RWA in August 2006.  He brought over 25 years experience in electrical, industrial and safety distribution. Dave holds a QSSP certification. 

Pete Diaz

Pete joined RWA in April 2023.  His background includes over 30 years sales experience at the manufacturer and distributor levels.

Bryan Johns

Bryan joined RWA in October 2008.  He had over 20 years of experience in sales and sales management through his positions with an industrial manufacturer and as a manufacturer’s representative.


Kyle Mounts

Kyle joined RWA in June 2015.  He brought 8 years of sales experience in various markets.

John Price

John joined RWA in October 2009.  He had over 15 years of experience in the industrial market through his positions with industrial distributors.

Richard Purdum

Richard joined RWA in May 2005.  He had over 18 years experience in the industrial market and rep agency business.




Adrian Cazares

Adrian joined RWA in July 2023.  Adrian has over 15 years of experience in the construction market.  He has a degree in Construction Management, Hazmat certification, and multiple OSHA certifications.  In addition, he is bilingual Spanish/English.  

Robert Lastinger

Robert joined RWA in June 2017. His background includes 13 years' experience in the industrial and construction markets at the distributor and manufacturers’ representative levels.  

Chip Mixon

Chip joined RWA in January 2009.  He brought a vast knowledge of the construction market through his experience as a builder for 22 years and sales for 10 years.  As a former territory manager with Preferred Sales Agency, Chip has an extensive background in construction distribution.


Ronny Hollaway

Ronny joined RWA in July 2018.  He had over 22 years of experience in the metalworking industry at the distributor and manufacturer levels.  He has an extensive background in metalworking and tooling.  

Chase Oldham

Chase joined RWA in March 2015. His background included 7 years of experience working as a machinist in a machine shop and 2-½years of experience as a manufacturer’s rep in the metalworking market.

Pete Riddle

Pete joined RWA in December 2019.  Pete’s background includes 26 years of experience at the end-user, distributor, and manufacturer levels in the metalworking industry.


Stephen Teets

Stephen joined RWA in January 2021.  He had over 27 years of experience in the metalworking industry at the manufacturer level. 


​​​​Offering quality representation in the southeast for value added service to our distributors

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